ZH Jaya Holding Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 2020. We invest, manage and provide solutions to our subsidiaries such as ZH Jaya Development Sdn Bhd, ZH Jaya Sarang Burung Sdn Bhd, ZH Jaya Construction Sdn Bhd, ZH Jaya Durian Sdn Bhd, and ZH Jaya Marketing Sdn Bhd. We strive to innovate and improve in all areas, through developing new products, services and processes for the organization. By leveraging a culture of continuous of improvement with open mind, we are able to uncover new opportunities to drive organizational growth.

ZH Jaya’s rapid growth needs more ambitious, broad-mind and creative individuals to join the team. As a young and progressive company, ZH Jaya is the right place where you can build your career.

Zh Jaya holding Sdn Bhd


We are committed to produce highest quality of work with exceptional customer-oriented services to deliver sustainable performance and growth.


To be reliable partner that create value for shareholders, customers, employees and community.

Our Values